Näyttelyn avajaisia vietetään 7.9. klo 18:30 alkaen

Despite the little trouble with Roasberg’s water damages, the exhibition is now nearly up! The cafe bar had to stay closed today for renovations but will be open again tomorrow, Sat 2.9. morning at 10 am! Welcome!


Maiju Vigrén

I am Maiju “Juju” Vigrén, born in february 1982 in Helsinki, Finland. A visual artist & a goldsmith, the lead singer & drummer in the garage punk band Amphibian Bells. Very fond of strong colors, even aggressive combinations. Being both a craft and a fine / visual artist, I enjoy experimenting with different mediums, materials and techniques. I am always thrilled if I’m surprised with the results. This is why one could say that I am not very consistent in my style, and it is true in many ways. However my figurative paintings and drawings often have a semi realistic style.

Currently my main interest is painting and illustrating, although it is not rare for me to suddenly venture into installation arts, performance, photographing, or community arts for example. I am easily tempted with all forms of arts.

I am open for commissions! Check out my paintings.

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