Murals for Laava

This year’s biggest project for me was painting murals for the theme restaurant Laava (


Laava has eight themed rooms and my pleasure was to paint all murals in three of them; the Secret Garden, Cabin in the Woods and Hidden Grotto. The biggest walls are 7 m long and 3m high and the painting process took 20 weeks. The theme the customer asked for was jungle and woods in the blue night light. The final RGB lights in the restaurant were installed and fixed after the paintings were done, and they change the original paintings somewhat,  some more than others. But the lights also alter during the day, so it is possible for customers to see the paintings react to different light scenarios. The project was versatile and challenging in many good ways and I am satisfied with the final result.

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Om’pu bar’s summer exhibition 2018

I will be participating in a collective summer exhibition that takes place at the legendary bar Om’pu!

In addition to it’s legendary status, Om’pu is also situated in the culturally permissive and liberal Helsinki district Kallio, and therefore, in my humble opinion, the exhibition is very likely to rate somewhere between “interesting” and “epic”. So don’t miss it!

Duration: 2nd Jun-4th Aug 2018. The event can be found in Facebook:



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